Eight Autumn Home Maintenance Tips


Eight (8) Autumn Home Maintenance Tips



Fall is a beautiful time of year and a good time to take care of seasonal home maintenance. Being a real estate broker I have learned a lot about home maintenance and damage found during home inspections. Home sellers found that not maintaining their home can be very costly. Here are some of the major fall home maintenance musts.

1. Clean gutters and downspouts

Clogged gutters can cause water to damage your roof or siding.

2. Inspect siding, roof and foundation

I find many homes with damaged siding or damaged roofs which could have been prevented. Check for cracked buckling or missing shingles. Check the soffit or eaves for stains, a sign of a leak. Examine for buckled, warped, curling splitting or cracking in siding. Many of the homes have missing caulking that lets water get under the siding.  Make sure there is no missing caulking that needs to be replaced. Moss on a roof could indicate deterioration underneath.  If you don’t trust your own assessment, hire a licensed professional to examine your home including roof, flashing, skylights, pipes and chimneys. Schedule any repairs needed before winter weather hits.

3. Seal gaps where pests could enter

Squirrels bed down in the eaves. Mice come into garage and shimmy up pipes to your bedroom walls. Rats tunnel into basements.  Rodents chew trim, electric wires, insulation even some siding. Six mice breed into 60 in 90 days.  Call a pest control expert to take care of your pest questions and issues.

4. Replace weatherstripping on doors

Gaps can increase your energy costs as well as provide an entrance for critters to get into the home.

5. Inspect for mold and airflow

Mold is found many times during a Home Inspection and can cost a lot of money to repair.  Check locations such as leaky pipes, basements, bathrooms. and attics.  Sometimes air vents are covered by insulation preventing air flow, causing mold.  It is wise to have the mold removed by a professional as soon as possible.

6. Before you turn on the heat have your furnace inspected and cleaned

Experts say the majority of the calls received  about no heat in their home is a result of not having the furnace serviced and cleaned.  To keep your heating costs down and help keep healthy air have your furnace  inspected and cleaned.

7. Shut off exterior faucets and hose to prevent pipes from freezing

Drain hoses and store them indoors.

8. Check you smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Replace batteries as needed.


By Karin Zeigler, Real Estate Broker
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