Expert Insights on Loans

Expert Insights: Is It True That Some Lenders Grant Loans Based on Very Little Documentation? Not long ago, ‘stated income loans’ were offered abundantly. More commonly referred to as ‘no doc’ or ‘low-doc’ loans, these mortgages don’t need documentation or need very little documentation to verify the borrower’s income and assets. The borrower (who needs very good

Going Green at Home

Going Green at Home It’s often thought that in order to live in an “eco-friendly” home that you have to make extreme sacrifices in comfort or have an extraordinarily large budget. The truth is: making your home green has never been easier, and it is by far more convenient than taking on a total renovation.

Historic Homes

Historic Homes For many Americans, the lure of historic homes is strong. Home decor shows often paint the idea of an updated historic home as an attainable real estate goal. While the charm of historic homes is difficult to find in modern construction, many of the small details of historic homes (wainscot paneling, decorative crown molding

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

1031 TAX DEFERRED EXCHANGE What is a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange? Whenever you sell a business or investment property and you have a gain, you generally have to pay tax on the gain at the time of sale.  IRC Section 1031 provides an exception and allows you to postpone paying tax on the gain if

Artesian Well and Commons Olympia, WA

Artesian Well and Commons Olympia WA Artesian Park Olympia, WA I visited the Artesian Commons Park and well this week end.  The tiny park  is located in Diamond Parking lot on 4th Avenue between Adams and Jefferson streets,  415 4th Ave SE.  The Artesian Commons Park is a tiny, art-filled park that celebrates this unique

Thurston County Residential Real Estate Market

Thurston County Residential Real Estate Market Statistics as of 31 Dec 2016 The Thurston County Market Statistics for December show year-over-year drops in new listings, but gains in pending sales, closed sales and prices. Sales activity is substantially higher than the number of new listings. This fosters a competitive market for home buyers. Thurston County Listings

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