Artesian Well and Commons Olympia, WA


Artesian Well and Commons Olympia WA

Artesian Park Olympia, WA

I visited the Artesian Commons Park and well this week end.  The tiny park  is located in Diamond Parking lot on 4th Avenue between Adams and Jefferson streets,  415 4th Ave SE.  The Artesian Commons Park is a tiny, art-filled park that celebrates this unique and historic public well.  The city has  installed a 4-foot fence, signs with park hours, permanent seats and tables, security cameras and a basketball hoop.   The City partnered with many local businesses and nonprofits and hosts  summer concert series live performances, events and programming to the space

Artesian Well Olympia, WA

The park includes a artesian well that is an historic landmark and the first urban park in Olympia.  This is a community water source and gathering space in downtown Olympia.  I brought along a gallon water jug to try this water.   I can attest that the water is in fact crisp, clear and tastes great.  The well never stops flowing, with a steady stream of people armed with bottles ready to fill up.  The well has a depth of approximately 90 feet and  is 1.8-inches in diameter and flows approximately 10 gallons per minute. Many Olympians use the well as their primary source of water.


The Artesian Well, was used by steam locomotives that needed water in the early 1900s. It is reported the well was constructed between 1895 and 1915 on the former railroad station   Extensive testing of the well’s water quality found it to be pristine.  In July 2010, the Olympia City Council authorized the purchase of the well and the parking lot, making the water available to the public.  The park includes murals on the walls of buildings.  Local artists have collaborated on a design that integrates these murals with decorative paving.  The Artesian commons park grand opening was in May 2014.

The next time you’re in Olympia and you happen to have a five gallon bucket in your back pocket, be sure to stop by and taste.  The Artesian Commons park is open from dawn to dusk. The Artesian Well itself is open 24/7.

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