7 Things You Need to Do Around the House Before Fall


House ChoresFall is officially here, bringing with it cooler temperatures. Now is the perfect time, while it is still mild and mostly dry, to do some work around the house to prepare for the cold, wet months ahead. Keep reading to learn what should be placed on your to-do list and why.

7 Fall Chores around the House

  1. Clean Your Gutters – Gutters protect your house from falling water, and in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of it. Before the rainy season really sets in, make sure your gutters are clear of debris from the summer and the leaves that have fallen early. Clean gutters will allow the rainwater to flow freely down and away from the house, protecting it and your foundation from water damage.
  2. Re-Seal Your Decks and Fences – Increase the life of your decks and fences by properly sealing them from the water. You can find a great selection of stain sealers for decks and fences in the paint section of your local hardware store. Re-sealing is as easy as painting with a roller and paint brush.
  3. Clean Your Heaters or Heat Registers – It’s been months since we’ve had to turn on our heat here in the Northwest; wall heaters and registers have collected dust while not being used in the summer months. Before you start running heat through them again this fall, vacuum and wipe away the grime. This will not only keep you from blowing dirt around the house, but the buildup that does not get blown off could also pose a fire risk.
  4. Replace Your Air Filters – While cleaning your heat registers, it’s also a great time to buy and put a new air filter in your furnace. With our windows being closed more in the fall and the air being recirculated through the heating system, a clean filter will cut down on allergens, dust and airborne particulates, and it also protects your unit from additional wear and stress.
  5. Have Your Heating System Serviced – There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night shivering because your furnace stopped working. To prevent this from happening to you, have the heart of your heating system properly serviced and inspected according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  6. Winterize Your Irrigation System – Now that your grass is getting watered naturally, it’s time to shut down your irrigation system for the season. If you have a lawn service, ask them to winterize your system to safeguard it against breaks in the water lines from freezing.
  7. Pruning Dangerous Trees – If you notice dangerous limbs or trees on your property, don’t wait until the first fall storm takes them down. Protect your house and those around you; call a tree service to have them properly and safely removed or trimmed. If tree limbs are encroaching on power lines, call your local power company to find out what their process is for removing them. DO NOT remove them yourself.

These chores will help you keep your home, inside and out, in tip-top shape through the fall and are an important part of owning a house, but don’t be afraid to ask for help with any chores you may not feel comfortable doing on your own. Do you have any other must-complete tasks for the fall that I missed? Share them with me below!

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