5 Fantastic Tips That Will Help You Sell Your House


Sell Your HouseAre you thinking it may be time to sell your house? In my last blog post, I went over the May market report for Thurston County and how it is, without question, a seller’s market. If you’ve been seriously considering putting your home on up for sale, now is the perfect time! These five tips will help you prep your house to be listed and sold quickly!

5 Tips to Sell Your House

  1. Clear the clutter: Once you decide to put your house on the market, try to view it from a potential new buyer’s perspective. Go through each room and remove as much of the clutter as you can. A buyer can’t see the expansive kitchen counter space if it’s covered in small appliances and other knick-knacks; keep only the must-have items out.
  2. Neutralize the area: Your décor should be as neutral as possible; a space that is full of personal effects and style makes it hard for people to imagine themselves living in your home. This goes for paint, too. That shade of Mango Red in the kitchen may be your favorite color, but could be too bold for a prospective buyer; you want to appeal to as many people as possible.
  3. Spruce up the curb appeal: The outside of your house gives buyers their first impression of your home. It is important to keep the lawn mowed and gardens clean. Planting fresh flowers and adding mulch or fine bark in the garden beds will spruce up the exterior and create a welcoming first impression.
  4. Set the stage: As you prepare to start showing your house to sell, remember to set the stage. Re-arrange furniture to highlight features like fireplaces, large windows with beautiful views, accents walls, built-ins and more. Make it easy for buyers to flow through the house and take in all the best qualities your home has to offer.
  5. Choose the right real estate agent: One of the most important tips of all to sell your house. Find a real estate agent that is right for you and your needs. Do your research. Check to see if they focus on a specific area in real estate, if they have a website, and look for testimonials and reviews. If they fit all of your initial requirements, meet with them in person to see if your personalities match and if they can deliver what you’re looking for.

These five tips are sure to come in handy as you, or someone you know prepares to sell a home! Are there any other tips you could think of adding to the list? Share them below!


Karin Zeigler brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in buying and selling residential real estate in the South Puget Sound area including Thurston, Mason, Lewis and Pierce counties. Whether you’re looking for a first house, downsizing, or have special circumstances such as military loans, Karin can help you find your dream home. Contact her today, or call 360-870-6249, to start your home buying or selling process.

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