5 Home Decor Trends of 2017


Repurposed Furniture- People are transforming their homes using old pieces of furniture in beautiful new ways. From an old dresser, desk, or file cabinet can come a gorgeous vanity. The potential for customization is infinite, adding individuality and creativity to your living space.

Matte Metallics- Matte is huge in fashion and design this year. Ditch the shiny finishes for something muted and more inviting. Brass with a satin finish is brings a warm and comforting touch to any decor.

Natural and Jewel Tones- Beiges, browns, grays, and other natural tones are cozy and calming. Deep jewel tones like amethyst purple, sapphire blue, and emerald green give regal and dramatic flair into your home. Pair the two for a balanced and elegant aesthetic.

Nailhead Studs- Usually found on upholstered pieces, these studs are being implemented into design in fresh new ways. Nailhead studs can be used to create patterns and accents in furniture going beyond the classic nailhead trim.

Texture- Incorporating mixed textures to your in-home design creates depth and personality. Using different fabrics and materials custom to your taste ensures an unforgettable style of your own.




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